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In-Home Assistance Dog Training

Our in-home assistance dog training program helps people with disabilities train their dogs to assist them in their homes. 

The program is for people who have a dog that isn't appropriate for public access, but can be trained to assist in a private residence. The dog may be too fearful in crowded/noisy places, or may have some aggressive tendencies.

It also is for people who don't need to have their dog accompany them in public.

Some of the tasks that we can help train include:

  • Retrieving objects - cane, walker, phone, remote control, dropped objects, etc.
  • Mobility assistance - helping a person get up from a chair or stand after a fall, opening/closing doors and drawers, etc.
  • Hearing alert - alert their person to an oven timer, phone or doorbell ringing, another person calling their name from another part of the house, etc.
  • Diabetes alert - alert them or a caregiver to changes in glucose levels during the night or day.

Our trainer will work with you in your home.  Lessons are up to 1 hour each session. The number of lessons needed to reach your goal is dependent on how much you practice with your dog and other factors. The cost is $50 per lesson. Financial assistance is available for people who qualify.

To register for in-home assistance dog training, please download 1) the registration form  and 2) the veterinarian's report. Mail your completed forms to the address below. Our Training Manager will then contact you to schedule your first lesson.

Mail your completed form to:
75 S. Montego Dr.
Tucson, AZ  85710

NOTE: Dogs will NOT be trained to qualify for public access as part of our In-Home Assistance Training Program. If public access is desired, please refer to our Service Dog Training Program.

Questions? Email Service@Handi-Dogs.org or call 520-326-3412.

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